A Northshore Sketchbook: from Representation to Abstraction

A Northshore Sketchbook: from Representation to Abstraction

Fri | Oct 2-Oct 30 | 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
5 Sessions
Ages: Adults (16+) | $140 | Jim Zingarelli

So much of what we do as artists is interpretive in nature.  Often we begin with a directly perceived image and create a kind of “replica” of what is seen, yet with abstraction we are able to move with greater freedom toward more expressive imagery, color, and employ more varied methods.  In this class, as we travel from site to site (working outdoors as much as possible) we will take a fresh look at familiar environments via a sketchbook format using a set of more experimental means and materials.

Supply Needs:

•A Personal Sketchbook that is either spiral bound or hardbound between 5x7 in. and 9x12 in. in size (no glue bound sketchbooks which come apart too easily)

•Portable  Drawing Media suitable for sketchbook work: (any/all of these) graphite, color pencil, watercolor, gouache (avoid charcoal since it’s unstable without fixative)

NOTE: If you’re using watercolor/gouache: you’ll need a plastic palette, brushes, a container of water, paper towels.

•Collage Material including various kinds of paper, color & patterned surfaces, and a glue stick.

•Cutting Tools including scissors, X-Acto knife, hole punch (any/all)