Bruce Herman Master Class: Layering, Gilding, and Mixed Media with Oil

Bruce Herman Master Class: Layering, Gilding, and Mixed Media with Oil

Sat | Sep 12 | 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Ages: Adults (16+) | $75 | Bruce Herman

Students will be invited via Zoom into Bruce Herman’s art studio in Gloucester, MA––with both live and brief recorded segments / time-lapse images, so students can see the gradual development of a painting employing some of Herman’s own invented processes. We will see him employing his unique combination of traditional oil painting techniques (underpainting and glazing) with modern layering, abrasion, alkyd resins, and use of silver and gold leaf, as well as encaustic elements. Herman will demonstrate several unique processes that he has developed and then invite those students who have prepared in advance to show what they are working on—in order to receive critique and encouragement by the master artist.

Some of the techniques we will cover:

Concepting with Photoshop
–Use of photographs, photo collage elements, etc
Printouts for reference

Traditional Oil Painting
Grisaille (gray-scale underpainting)
Glazing and scumbling

Unique techniques to Herman’s studio
Mixed media with alkyd resin
Resins and layering
Gilding with metal leaf and alkyd resin

Because we will use Zoom, you will have access to the full video recording afterward. You can follow along and create your own painting “live”, or you can simply observe Herman’s process, ask questions, and review the video later. There will be a moderator to field your questions and assist with any technical difficulties. Herman will be demonstrating several specialty techniques requiring certain materials in advance––if you want to work on your own piece while the masterclass is happening you will need to acquire some of these special materials (all of which are readily available in larger artist supplier stores like Artist and Craftsman. Please contact the Art Center if you need a materials list a week before the class. Herman also demonstrates use of Photoshop for concepting the initial piece, and a free trial of Photoshop is available 
here if you’re interested in trying out his approach.

Bruce Herman's
 art has been exhibited in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and most major cities in the U.S.A.  and abroad in Italy, England, Israel, Japan, and Hong Kong. Herman’s art is in many public and private art collections––among these, the Vatican Museums in Rome, Cincinnati Museum of Fine Arts, and Hammer Museum Grunewald Print Collection in L.A. Herman's art and writings are published in a thirty-year retrospective in Through Your Eyes 2013, Eerdmans Books, Grand Rapids. His published essays are found in many print and online journals including IMAGE, Comment, Books and Culture, and many others. Herman has taught for three decades and curated over 100 exhibitions for Gordon College. He holds the endowed Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in Fine Arts and is the college’s Gallery Director.