Cartooning and Character Design

Cartooning and Character Design

Fri | May 1-May 22 | 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
0 Sessions
Ages: 6 yrs. to 99 yrs. | $0 | Justin Kedl

Design characters and draw your own cartoons! You will learn to draw faces, expressions, and gestures, and you’ll get to add personality to your characters and give them actions and words! Whether you want to make superheroes, monsters, talking animals, or imaginary friends, you’ll practice the basic skills to bring your ideas to life. All you’ll need is paper and some pencils, crayons, or markers!

This 4-week class consists of weekly YouTube videos (20 minutes each) that you can watch anytime and that will guide your kids through a hands-on art lesson that will keep them engaged for over an hour! Multiple kids may do the lessons at the same time (no need to register twice), and each video ends with ideas for more activities for your kids to try on their own during the week!

After registering, visit to access the videos.