Fun with Watercolor

Fun with Watercolor

Wed | Feb 24-Mar 31 | 7:00 PM-8:30 PM
5 Sessions
Ages: Adults (16+) | $125 | Rahat Mama

The focus of this class is to enjoy the process of painting with watercolors - to paint with a sense of freedom. Students will learn how to use their painting tools and how to hold the brush to achieve various effects. Class will cover the basics, from loading the brush and various ways to apply the paint, to learning how wet is wet and how much pigment vs. water to use. This is a class that teaches the techniques and color theories needed to create your own original paintings. There will be lots of opportunities to experiment in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. All levels welcome. If you have taken watercolor before this is a great way to socialize and receive feedback from the group. If you are new to watercolor you will find support from other artists and instructor as you learn and explore about color.

This course will require you to use Zoom for video and audio instruction and sharing.

Supplies: Watercolors, Round Brushes, and Watercolor Paper

| Full, Waitlist Available