Intro to Digital Art with Procreate

Intro to Digital Art with Procreate

Thu | Apr 29-Jun 10 | 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
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Ages: 11 yrs. to 18 yrs. | $150 | Mariana Martins

Students will immerse themselves into the world of digital art by learning how to draw and animate on the Ipad using the Procreate app. Learn the tools and secrets that professional illustrators and digital artists have been using to create stunning digital masterpieces, animations and narratives. Students must download the Procreate app, have an Ipad running iOS version 13.2 or later and an Ipad pencil.

Class format: We will meet together using Zoom video conferencing. An invite will be emailed to you before the first class session, and you'll need internet access on your computer, tablet, or phone to participate.

You can find the Procreate app here.